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Over 16 years of experience in interior & architecture design

Dijor offer a full interior & architecture design service specializing in high end hospitality and bespoke residential projects From concept development through to setting the lighting levels on completion we will surpass expectations at every step in between.
SCHEMATIC DESIGN Spatial evaluation of site. Prepare feasibility plans and layout. Prepare material and palette presentation.
DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Prepare presentation material as necessary to describe design, usually comprising of material & product samples, and visuals where required. Develop the scheme design into a detailed package of information. Prepare finished scheme plans, elevations, details and specifications to submit for construction or tender. Submit relevant drawings and documentation to acquire statutory approvals.
ON-SITE COORDINATION Client meetings and liaison. Co-ordination with other consultants. Co-ordinate and oversee installation of fixtures, fittings and equipment. Attend site and inspect work for progress and quality. We don’t offer a “turnkey” solution, as we’re definitely the master of our trade, though we do of course have very strong working relationships with trusted consultants, designers and contractors who we can recommend to get your project completed efficiently, on budget and with the quality you expect from Carroll Design.

Our Capabilities

What We Do

Project Management:

Dijor leads project teams from the Pre-Construction Phase through post-construction including Planning, Design, and Development. Scope of Services: Project Management: Determination of feasibility outcomes, The potential financial returns, Cost Management Dijor manages project costing, cost estimating, budgeting, and monitoring throughout the project life cycle, Construction Management: Full supervision of the construction process leading the construction field, our goal is for safe completion on time and within budget.

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Dijor company is engaged in architectural design of individual construction objects or public buildings in a variety of modern stylistic directions: minimalism, hi-tech, modern, art deco, kitsch, and others. Each of the styles forms an integral architectural ensemble of the house, symbolizes your picture of the world, and distinguishes the object from hundreds of others.

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The atmosphere of comfort and tranquility when visiting any medical institution is something that can have an extremely positive effect on the mood of every visitor or patient without any medication. Every doctor knows this, so any medical institution, be it a hospital, a clinic, or a private clinic, strives to the extent possible to ensure that the interior decoration of the premises not only meets the relevant standards but is also comfortable for any of the visitors. The design project of medical institutions is currently one of our most requested services

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In the process of working on interior design, the exact style, and details that form the status of the hotel, and its level is necessarily chosen. For example, for an expensive hotel, an interior in the spirit of classics, rococo, and baroque is optimal, emphasizing the company's stability and financial security. For a hotel whose services are designed for an audience with an average income, an interior in the style of minimalism, hi-tech and others will be interesting.

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Commercial & Offices

Professionally designed office design is not only the creation of comfortable working conditions for employees but also an important factor for the successful operation of the company. The first impression of the office that the visitor gets is very important, it often determines the adoption of a positive decision by your partners and clients.

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Creating a comfortable environment - the interior of the housing is an important process, the purpose of which is to obtain the optimal aesthetic and functional solution. As a rule, the cost of ordering an interior design project for an apartment in Moscow differs for each specific case, depending on the wishes of the client, the urgency of the implementation of the tasks set, and other factors

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